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There are 3 main types of lesson packages:

Read below to see which type of package works best for you.  

COMING SOON -- Business English Lesson Packages 



Package 1 = 5 lessons (45 minutes) = 75 euros

Package 2 =11 lessons (45 minutes) =150 euros

This package is for people who can read, write, and understand English easily enough.  What they want is to SPEAK ENGLISH easily, without stress.   Each 45 minute lesson is based on SPEAKING the language.  We may use music or YouTube videos for the topic -- anything it takes to get you speaking!!

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Conversation Package

Ad-Lib Lessons

Package 3 = 10 lessons  (30 minutes) = 100 euros

Ad-Lib lessons are not structured.  It is just talkingEach 30 minute lesson is designed to maintain your fluency in English without having a committed scheduleThis package of lessons has no expiration.  You use as you need.  Because of the reduced rate, these lessons are scheduled 24-48 hours prior. 

These lessons can also be done with another person.  You each pay 10 euros, but have an hour lesson together speaking with me. 

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Package 4 = 5 lessons  (30 minutes) = 75 euros

Package 5 =11 lessons (30 minutes)  =150 euros


This package is for those who have an upcoming Speaking Exam in English and need practice with someone who is trained as an Examiner of English.  The first 15 minutes is a role play of an actual speaking exam and in the second 15 minutes I work with you and give you tips on how you can improve.  This is NOT me telling you if you pass or fail.


Use the drop down box to choose 5 or 11 lessons and then click on the Buy Now button.

Exam Prep Package


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Alternative Payment Method

Western Union is also accepted.  - 2018 SUMMER SPECIAL - All students who use Western Union will receive a free lesson in their package.  Contact me for details. 

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