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How can I change a scheduled lesson?

The day before (24 hrs), please send me an email ([email protected]) to change your lesson time or date.  Or, send me an SMS by phone if it is a last-minute cancellation -- I have the Viber application (free texting).

What happens if I am late or I miss my lesson?

If you are late for an online lesson, you will lose the time and not be credited the lost minutes.  Likewise, if you do not log-in at all (and have not sent me an email telling me you can't be there for the lesson), you will lose that lesson.

For example, if we have a 45 minute lesson at 17:00, but you log-in on Skype at 17:30, the lesson will only be 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, I can't continue the lesson past the 45 minutes because I often have another lesson with someone else for the next hour and need to prepare.

Likewise, if I am late or I miss part of your lesson, you will be credited the minutes I'm late.  So, we both have a responsibility to tell each other if we can not have a lesson.


Is there any homework, or grades?

No.  I may email you handouts for you to practice, but I won't grade them.  They are emailed to you after our lesson, but it is your choice whether you complete the exercises.


Do the lessons expire?

Yes, the lessons in the package are good (valid) for 90 days.  If you don't use all of your lessons within 90 days, please contact me and we will "freeze" the remaining until you can return.

The only lesson package that doesn't expire is the Ad-Lib Lesson package of 10 lessons.

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